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N40 - maréchal emmanuel de grouchy

N40 - Maréchal Emmanuel de Grouchy

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strong>Emmanuel de Grouchy is the last marshal of Napoleon, who received this title during the Hundred Days. One of the best cavalrymen of the Empire. Made a strategic mistake at Waterloo.
Emmanuel de Grouchy was born in 1766 in Paris. After graduating from the Strasbourg Artillery School he served as a sub-lieutenant in the guard corps. In 1792, at the age of 26, with the rank of brigadier general, he commanded the cavalry of the Alpine Army. By decree of 1793, as a nobleman, he was dismissed from service. He began to serve again as an ordinary soldier in the ranks of the National Guard. In 1795, he was confirmed as a divisional general. Commanding the cavalry division, he took an active part in the Prussian campaign of 1806. Particularly distinguished in 1807 in the battles of Eylau and Friedland. Then he continued to serve in Spain, where he served as governor of Madrid. In 1809, the dragoon division commanded by him played a decisive role in the battle of Wagram. In the Battle of Borodino in 1812, he commanded the 3rd Cavalry Corps. Later, Grouchy covered the retreat of the Great Army from Moscow. In the years 1813-1815 he was given command of all the French cavalry. Napoleon rewarded him with a marshal's baton.
In the battle of Waterloo, Grouchy did not fulfill the tasks assigned to him by Napoleon, could not prevent the Prussian corps of Blucher from completing the rout of the French.
After Waterloo, the 40,000th corps of Pears was the only effective contingent, but the political situation did not allow Napoleon to use these forces. In 1820, Louis XVIII returned all titles to Grouchy, except for Marshal and Peer. After the July Monarchy in 1832, Louis-Philippe returned to him the rank of marshal and made him a peer of France. Emmanuel de Pears died in 1847.
The uniform of the General de Grouchy is sewn in a horse-jäger style of dark green cloth. The collar, cuffs and hem on the lapels are red. Epaulettes, aglet and tailoring in the form of oak leaves - silver. The breeches are red with a silver badge. Green leather boots with silver trim and tassels. Lace, buttonhole and tassels on the hat are also silver. The waist scarf corresponds to the rank of divisional general –gold with interlacing of red silk. The title is also indicated by three silver stars woven on scarf tassels, breeches and epaulettes. Saber "Mameluk" style in silver-plated sheath, on the sword belt of dark red leather with gold embroidery. A simple cloak of dark green cloth on a silver cord.

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