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N53 - officer of the guards horsemen

N53 - Officer of the Guards Horsemen

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strong>EK castings - N53 - Officer of the Guards Horsemen. France, 1805-15
According to the decree of July 29, 1804, the regiment of guides of the Consular Guard was renamed the Horse-Jaeger Regiment. It consisted of four squadrons, each of which had two companies. Privilege of the regiment was the service as an escort of the Emperor. The commander of the platoon of the escort officer followed the Napoleon steadily. The emperor was accompanied: one lieutenant, one sergeant, two brigadiers, twenty-two mounted huntsmen and one trumpeter. One foreman and four huntsmen (one carrying a briefcase and another telescope) galloped ahead and cleared the way.
The officer is dressed in full uniform. Doloman is made of dark green cloth with the same collar and scarlet cuffs. Mentik of scarlet cloth with a white fur edge. Buttons, cords and gold braid. Trousers made of yellowish deerskin. Boots made of black leather with gold plating and a brush. Belt-kushak from a dark green silk with gold interceptions and brushes. The cap of the black bear fur had a scarlet cloth cane, gold brushes and a three-colored cockade with an embroidered golden eagle. The feather sultan is green with a red top. A ligature band of green Moroccan leather with gold trim. Belt belt of red leather with gold trim and buckles. The gold-embroidered tashka has on the green field an embroidered color coat of arms of the French empire. Saber sheath made of gilded copper. The lantern is gold. White gloves were an obligatory element of the ceremonial uniform.

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