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N61 - fusilier of line infantry

N61 - Fusilier of line infantry

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EK Castings N61 - Fusilier of line infantry - France, 1812-15
January 19, 1812 Napoleon approved the regulations for the uniform and arming of infantry, compiled by Colonel Barden. Instead of a "French type" uniform, a new, shortened, dark blue uniform was introduced with a scarlet collar bordered by a blue piping.
Cuffs are scarlet with a white piping, and the valves of the cuffs are dark blue with a red piping. Straight white lapels with a red piping fastened on hooks and buttons. In all, there were 22 small (2 on the shoulders, 6 on the cuffs and 14 on the lapels) on the uniform and 8 big (behind the tails) copper buttons with the regiment number. Folded folds are white without piping, with a blue crowned letter "N", which indicated the fuselers. The outstretch of the valves in the rear pockets is red. Fuselers also relied on dark blue with a red piping shoulder straps. White trousers were worn with shoes and short black gaiters. Under the new regulations, the shako had a stamped copper plate in the form of an eagle on the shield with a slotted regiment number; blue-red-white cockade and chin strap covered with brass scales. A flat white disk with the battalion number was fastened on top. The color of the disk circle was determined by the company: green - 1st company, blue - 2nd, orange - 3rd, violet - 4th. The equipment consists of a cartridge bag on a white leather band, to which the bayonet sheath is attached. Under the saddle is fastened a folded fodder cap. The gray overcoat in the skirt is attached to the satchel with white belts. The 1777 gun, weighing about 5 kg with a bayonet, is carried by a soldier in the "pull-trigger" position.

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