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Nap-07 - bataillon mousquetaires du ri de ielets

NAP-07 - Bataillon mousquetaires du RI de Ielets

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EK Castings NAP 07 Sous-officier du Bataillon mousquetaires du RI de Ielets 1805-07 Russie, 1805-07
1805-1807 - Russian-French wars :
14.12.1806 - participated in the battle of Pultusk
27.01.1807 - participated in the battle of Preysish-Eylau
2.06.1807 - participated in the battle of Friedland
10.11.1810 - in connection with the appointment of the 2nd battalion for the experience of the military settlement and the name of the settler, the regiment made an appearance in the Bobyletskoye district of Mogilev province.
1812 - Patriotic War : participated in affairs at Ostrovno, under Smolensk
08/26/1812 - in the Battle of Borodino, the grenadier regiments of the regiment in the composite grenadier division of Count Vorontsov defended the Bagrationov flushes, while the remaining companies were initially in reserve behind the Kurgan battery, but by the evening they were put forward to repel attacks by the French cavalry
1813-1814 years. - foreign trips :
6/10/1813 - the regiment distinguished itself in the battle of Leipzig
1814 - the regiment took part in the storming of Montmartre and the capture of Paris
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