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M91 - mounted arquebusiers

M91 - mounted arquebusiers

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h1>Horse mounted - arquebusiers  
In the early 16th century in Italy, soldiers, armed arquebus, began to put on the croup to the horsemen to provide fire support during a cavalry raid. Later, there were separate units of mounted arquebusiers. They were given cheap horses, not suitable for cavalry and receiving mobile units, which could easily "add fire" in the right place of the battle, or to arrange a surprise raid on the marching column.
In France, these soldiers attached to legkokonnikam gendarmes and small units of 10-50 people. In Germany, the dragoons, arquebusiers with dragoons, spearmen units were mixed cavalry.
Arquebusiers, sometimes referred to Bandelier (by name leather sling for carrying arquebuses), it has on the belt required for shooting equipment: a bag of bullets, powder flasks for the charger and the seed powder, as well as a key for wheel lock factory. (On arms could both be Harquebus kolestsovy and from stale wicking or silicic new lock). Of protective equipment - just a helmet with kabasset polugrebnem decorated with feathers. The weaponery consists of light weapons Harquebus 13-18 mm caliber, a sword and two wheel-lock pistols in saddle holsters.

Horse arquebusiers came from the people, and not held in high esteem by the soldiers of heavy and light cavalry, recruited from the nobility. Usually they entrusted combat tasks of secondary importance.

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