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M185 - norman knight - xie

M185 - Norman knight - XIe

ref. EK Castings Zinnfigur – M185 - Norman knight

Duchy of Normandy - the territory of the north of France, was ruled by descendants of Scandinavia - Vikings or Normans from the end of the 9th century. Very soon, the Scandinavians merged with the local population to Catholicism, French culture and language. In the mid-11th century Duke Norman Guillaume (future - Wilhelm I Conqueror) has launched a campaign to acquire English crown.
The main striking force of Wilhelm troops were heavily armed cavalry. During combat, the individual units of 5-10 soldiers lined up in one or two lines and attacked the serried mass of the stirrup to stirrup. Despite the new tactics and advanced weapons, to use the old method of owning a spear when a shot was deposited outstretched arm.
In 1066, William's army crossed the English Channel and landed near the village of Hastings, where there was a battle with the army of King Harold Saxon, which decided the fate of the kingdom of England.
Clothing and weapons Norman mounted warrior in general characteristic of the whole of Western Europe at that time. Protects the head riveted chetyrohsegmentny spangenhelm conical shape with nanosnikom. Long chain mail with a hood and front flap has a Chain cuts on floors, front and rear for easy riding. Under the chain mail worn quilted gambeson with long sleeves. Large almond-shaped shield conveniently protects the body and legs of a warrior when he is sitting on the horse. Steel shield boss serves to reinforce the shield plane on which mythical dragon depicted. Offensive Arms consists of a sword on the belt sling and the lance with a pennant.

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