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Ar01 - culverin - xvs

AR01 - Culverin - XVs

ref. EK Castings - AR01

EK Castings - AR01 - Culverin - XVc
Kulevrin (from the French couleuvre - "really" and couleuvrine - "serpentine"). The name came from the design of the wrought iron trunk, reinforced with several transverse rings. Relatively long-barreled field gun of a small (5-20 cm) caliber, shooting direct directing lead and iron cores. It was used to defeat the enemy's manpower at an average distance. The design of the gun was developed in Germany and spread in France, Burgundy and Switzerland. The iron trunk of the culverry was attached to a wooden gun-deck, and was originally mounted on the goats. In the middle of the 15th century, a wheel carriage with the mechanism of vertical guidance was widely used. The rise of the trunk was regulated by lifting or lowering the trunk of the carriage along a vertical pivot with holes into which an iron rod-clamp was inserted.

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