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M246 - artilleur - xvs

M246 - Artilleur - XVs

ref. EK Castings M246

EK Castings M246 - Gunner with a finger - West. Europe - 15th century
To make a shot from the gun, it was necessary to ignite the charge through the seed hole in the breech part of the trunk. For this purpose a finger was used, a stick with a clamp for a smoldering wick. The end of the stick had an iron point for stuck in the ground. The wick of the finger was lit before the start of the shooting and burned until it ended.
The artilleryman is dressed in a multilayered quilted gambeson with shoulders-buffs. The protective armor is presented with a helmet-salad with a visor, a chin-beard and a breastplate with a plate skirt. A sword hangs on the waist belt, and a round metal powder flask with seed gunpowder is thrown over his shoulder. The shoes are strong leather boots with straps and buckles.

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