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M134 - urban milicia, france, 1370

M134 - urban milicia, France, 1370

ref. M134

EK Castings M134 - French urban militia, 1370
Military Obligations urban population during the fighting was given great importance. In the 14th century the town of France could put a small army, consisting of infantry and cavalry. Some of these militias were created on the basis of parishes, each of which had its own captain. This commander was often a member of one of the most influential guilds and could belong to the knighthood.

City infantryman equipment includes a helmet-to bascinet barmitsa of riveted to a soft base steel plates. Green, laced on the chest surcoat, worn on a chain armor. Hands and feet are protected by quilted lining. Shoulder and knee pads made of hard leather. On arms - a dagger and gizarma. Shield painted in black and white poles with squirrel fur at the top.

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