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M142 -ordre teutonique, grand matre

M142 - Ordre Teutonique, Grand maître

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EK Castings M142 - Teutonic Order, Grand Master - XIVc
Teutonic Order or the Order of the Teutonic House of Saint Mary was founded in the 12th century in Palestine. At the head of the Order for life was elected Grand Master (hohmeyster, Grand Master), who, however, did not have absolute power.
To solve the important questions about Order's council - the chapter, which included senior officials of the Order: the great provincial commander in charge of finances, the Supreme Marshal in charge of all military affairs, the Supreme Hospitaller in charge of the hospital, and a great great garderobmeyster treasurer. The lands of the Order in Germany ruled doychmeyster. Order of ownership divided into provinces, which manages The commanders (Commanders).
Acre was the residence of the Grand Master (up to 1291), and later - Venice (in 1291-1309 gg.), And from 1309 - Marienburg.
Emblem grandmaster of the Teutonic Order was a white shield with a black cross on which was superimposed a gold cross and a golden shield with black eagle.

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