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M216 - viking with banner

M216 - Viking with Banner

ref. EK Castings Zinnfigur – Viking with Banner

EK Castings M216 - Viking with Banner,  IX-Xc.
Banners under which the Vikings went into battle, could carry the image fanged and winged monsters, but most banners was a picture of a black crow. Raven was associated with the field of battle, and was regarded as one of the "beasts of war", as the bearer of death.
According to Norse legend, the supreme god Odin were two ravens, which called Hugin (Thought) and Munin (Memory). Every day, they flew around the world, and returning, sat down on the shoulders of Odin and reported everything they had seen. During the battle, specially selected soldier holding a triangular decorated with braids, flag. Cloth embroidered with silk and metallic threads mothers or sisters of noble warriors. It was believed that these women were witches, magic power confers a banner that can bring good luck in the fight. If the banner is not hung limply, and fluttered in the wind ( "raven spreading its wings"), it presaged the Vikings certain victory.

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