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M221 - viking with danish ax

M221 - Viking with Danish ax

ref. EK Castings Zinnfigur – M221 - Viking with Danish ax

EK Castings M221 - Viking with Danish ax, IX-Xs
From the 8 th to 11 th century the whole of Europe trembled before the Scandinavian pirates who ravaged the coast at first, and later began to penetrate into the interior of the continent. The Vikings were not only thieves but also excellent sailors, soldiers, artisans, merchants and colonists, to look for a new land due to overpopulation of their meager homeland.
At first only a few Vikings could afford to have expensive swords and chain mail. Lack of protective gear compensated for by the suddenness and ferocity of the attacks.
Vikings prefer a powerful and massive impact weapons - such as an ax or "Danish ax." The blade of the ax has a chopping edge length of 20-30 cm. The very edge is often made of higher quality steel and are welded to the main part of an ax. Half-meter fitted on the handle of the ax crushed not only the helmets, shields and armor, but also horse skulls, oars, masts and board ships, and even the gates. Such weapons had to keep both hands and flip the shield on his belt behind his back. Ax given poetic names: "Shield Friend", "Fighting the Witch," "Wolf Wounds."
Long-edged sword-Saxon was used mostly in the early Viking age in Norway. Scabbard were made of wood, covered with leather. Inside sheath laid Smaznov skin waxed cloth or sheep skin with wool to prevent rust formation on the blade.

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