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A186 - julius caesar

A186 - Julius Caesar

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strong>EK Castings A186 - Julius Caesar (Caius Iulius Caesar) 100- 44 BC

Gaius Julius Caesar  (100 - 44 BC.), Roman statesman and political leader, military leader, the writer of the ancient and noble patrician family. More young men was elected to the honorary post of the priest of Jupiter. In the times dictate Sulla, Caesar, fearing reprisals, fled to Asia Minor. Returning to Rome after Sulla's death in 78 BC, he appeared in court trials, improving their public speaking skills. Five years later he was elected military tribun, and began to actively fight for the rights of the tribunes and rehabilitation supporters of Mary

In 65 BC Caesar elected aedile and gaining popularity among the Roman citizens as the organizer of lush theatrical performances, gladiatorial fights and public dinners. In 62 BC He became praetor, and then for two years he served as governor of the province of Spain, having shown outstanding military and administrative talent. In the 60 BC an alliance (the triumvirate), with two of the most influential political figures of the time - Pompey and Crassus, and was elected consul. In his new position he had a number of laws that have strengthened the state system. After the expiration of the Consulate Caesar was appointed governor of Gaul with the right to recruit legions and wage war. During the Gallic campaigns of 58-51 years. BC. He conquered all Gaul beyond the Alps and brought his army up to 10 legions. After the death of Crassus triumvirate broke up. In '53 BC Caesar entered into a struggle with Pompey for the sole power. Going through the river Rubicon marked the beginning of the Civil War. After defeating the enemy in the battle of Pharsalus, Caesar became dictator of unlimited, in fact the monarch while maintaining the republican form of government. However, Caesar's monarchical aspirations aroused strong opposition in Republican circles, poured out in a conspiracy led by Cassius and Brutus. March 15, 44 BC during a meeting of the Senate, Caesar was assassinated by conspirators.

With the name of Caesar tied last years of the Roman Republic and the establishment of one-man rule regime. Name Caesar turned to the title of Roman emperors.

As commander, Caesar differed determination and at the same time caution. He was tough, in a campaign always went ahead of troops - bare-headed and in the heat and in the cold and rain. He was able to customize warriors concise and well constructed speech, personal knowledge of his centurions and the best soldiers, and enjoyed among them extraordinary popularity and authority.
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